There are many different reasons why people travel abroad.  Companies require trips to out-of-country headquarters, students enroll in study abroad programs, or some simply want a sense of adventure.  Traveling to a new country exposes you to a culture filled with interesting people, jaw-dropping tourist attractions, and authentic cuisines.   The last thing you’d want to be exposed to is a travel-related illness or infection.

Depending on what country you’re visiting, you may get exposed to illnesses or infections that you wouldn’t normally be exposed to at home.  Some countries require visitors to be vaccinated before entering the country. This is especially true for countries in Africa and South America, as it’s highly recommended that you receive a yellow fever vaccination prior to visiting countries in these continents.

At AFC Urgent Care Bedford, we can administer your travel vaccinations, including yellow fever, and provide you with travel medicine prior to your trip. For more information about travel vaccinations and the medical services we provide, call to speak with one of our medical professionals at 781.430.8161.